Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why Use Social Media

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 Why Use Social Media

As a small business, an artist or creative, there are so many things that demand your time and attention that adding one more can seem overwhelming.
       Here you are, exploding with this fantastic idea, music, dance, video, drama 
fill in the blank
     that you want the world to know about and beat that proverbial path to your door.
 How can you possibly spend the time marketing without having to stop 
your other activities?

The answer is to wisely use social media to spread your idea.

You want to get your message out to those who really care and who will share that idea with others.The people who are listening are your supporters and will buy your product.

The Major Benefits Of Social Media

1.   Increases Traffic to Your Website

2.   Improves your Search Engine Optimization = Found = More Sales/Support
            93% of all purchasing decisions start with an online search

3.   Amplifies Your Message through ‘Word Of Mouth’
            People interested in your product/idea mention it to others.

4.   Communicates and Engages with Your Fans
5.    Spreads Your Content
            locally and/or worldwide

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