P S A script

ArtsAlive PSA script

Scene opens with a distant view of an art gallery reception. Muted adult voices are heard discussing the artwork displayed in the show. :03

Female Narrator voiceover : ArtsAlive, connecting artists and resources in southwest Wisconsin.

Pan to a soft focused scene of the cheese and wine table at the reception. :05
Two adults are heard in conversation. The male voice is that of an individual in their twenties. There is a wary edge to his voice.

Male voice: My friends say I really need to talk to you. What can you tell me about  ArtsAlive?

A womanʼs wrist and hand is seen placing a glass with white wine on the reception table. Her voice, of someone in their thirties, conveys both enthusiam and authority.

As the conversation continues, a slide show of ArtsAlive client photo images is shown, transitioning from left side into the right. :17

Female voice: ArtsAlive is a nonprofit organization. Our goal is to help self-employed creative people make a living. We offer low-cost career consultations, workshops on business skills for artists, and attorney and accountant referrals.

Male voice: Where can I find affordable studio space to make my work?

Female voice: Talk to us! We keep a a contact list of studio spaces for artists in the    southwest Wisconsin region.

Male voice: Can you also help me find health care, and maybe a dentist?

Female voice: Yes! ArtsAlive has a lot of new health care programs and other resources, including our biennial Health Fair and free screening days.

Male voice: How do I get to ArtsAlive?

A still photo of the ArtsAlive staff standing in front of the office building at 122 State Street, Madison, Wisconsin is shown. :05

Female voice: Weʼre easy to find, located on State Street in downtown Madison, across from Overture Center. Call us : 608-278-5483, to set up an appointment.

Female Narrator voiceover: ArtsAlive...122 State Street...Madison, WI...608-278-5483