Monday, August 27, 2012

Building A Strategic Plan: Part 2

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Part 2: How to Build A Strategic Plan

There are six steps that you need to go through to determine your strategy. Consider each step carefully.


1.     Clearly define your vision. You need to draw a map to your goals so you don’t get lost

        on the way.  Ask yourself where you want your business to be in three years. What    

       landmarks will guide your path?

2.  Clearly define your target audience. Who do you want your business to attract?

    Who is your best client now? Who would be your ideal client? What connections

    would help elevate your client list?

3.  Clearly view your competition.  You want your business to stand out from the crowd.

    Are you saying the same things and offering the same products as your competition?

    If you look and sound the same, you don’t stand out. Remember the frog in the lily pond.

4.  Know why your business is special and different.  Ask your valued clients what they

      like most about your business. Why they chose to work with you? How they think you

      are special?  Why are these qualities valuable to them?

5.  Develop your special message.  After you’ve finished all four steps, you should

    have enough information to complete your new marketing message. You will use this

    new message in everything you do to promote your business.

6.  Get started.  Use your new message to promote your business. Now is the time to

    design a website, Facebook Page, business cards and all other marketing materials.

    Use your message describing your business when speaking with prospects and

    clients, and at networking events.  Let the world know about your unique business!


Social media marketing is really about having the courage to take a step forward

towards your customers.


Let me help you make your business social.


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  1. Thanks for sending your link. Yes, it's lovely! I started with photography, maybe painting is in your future, too.

    I read your guide to building a strategic marketing plan with interest. I have heard these steps many times, but in my particular case as a watercolorist, it seems that my target audience is too broad to target. For example, there are newlyweds who may want a painting to decorate their new apartment or home, young mothers with children and grandmothers who are drawn to the beach paintings featuring kids, and there are people inbetween who like landscapes that remind them of places they've traveled to. Also, my only goal besides the joy of creating, is to share my artwork with those who enjoy it, whether it's an original or an affordable matted fine art print. I don't think that my art is unique since you can find the same subject matter paintings, some done similarly to mine. So you can see that marketing for me is difficult, although I do post on facebook and Pinterest.

  2. Barbara, My BFA is in painting, so I'm coming from, but not necessarily going back.I've been told many times that my photographs were very painterly.

    What I'm hearing in your comments about marketing is that you're unaware of what makes your work special. There's a joy that comes through in your paintings, an enjoyment of the subject and of the medium you're working in. That's why people buy your work. Because your stated goal is to share your artwork with those who enjoy it, you might consider marketing to two different targets. You could market your original work though galleries and interior designers and your fine art prints through gift shops. Let me know what you think about that.


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